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Privatized libraries as a metaphor for IM outsourcing

by Philip on September 27th, 2010
Library Stacks

The New York Times reported that an increasing number of private companies are taking over Libraries in troubled (and now not-so-troubled) cities.

While the issue of public and private goods is causing debate, there is also a trend of the comodification of information fueling this discussion.

One organization managing another’s information is becoming common. The fact that it is happening with libraries just adds some emotional depth to the issue. Outsourcing of information management is happening more and more. Now we are starting to think about how that makes us feel.

We are very possessive of our information, since its both personally and logistically valuable.  But is our fear of off-sourcing our data fading the more we send information out into the world?

What do you think of this trend?

*Image courtesy of John Lillis.

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